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Forbes: 11 Reasons 2014 Will Be A Break-Out Year For Women Entrepreneurs

It’s a new year. And with the onset of 2014 comes renewed resolve and myriad forecasts of trends to come. One of which, the ascendency of women in business and the premium placed on female leadership traits and competencies, does not seem to be a passing fad of 2013. In fact, a recent Forbes article enumerated 11 reasons female entrepreneurs should be optimistic about the future, citing data from The Athena Doctrine about how men and women leaders alike can benefit from deploying traditionally feminine qualities into their skill set. 

As we explored in The Athena Doctrine, feminine skills such as cooperation, communication and flexibility are deemed highly valuable for achieving efficacy as a twenty-first century leader. Moreover, these are not merely soft skills and we believe that the command and control mindset should be replaced with continuous and active engagement. In fact, traits like empathy and humility are proven to actually help companies enhance their competitive advantage and improve their bottom line.

Other signs that 2014 will witness successful female entrepreneurs include studies on how diversity of thought improves performance and increases innovation, women’s natural ability to leverage their extensive networks and their willingness to learn from their mistakes.

So here’s to a continuing to chip away at the glass ceiling in 2014.

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