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Spend Shift

How the Post Crisis Values Revolution is Changing the Way We Buy, Sell, and Live

In Spend Shift, John Gerzema, world-renowned expert on consumer values, and Pulitzer prizewinning author Michael D’Antonio document the rise of a vibrant, values-driven post-recession economy. To tell the story of this movement, the authors travel to large cities and small towns across eight bellwether states, to examine the value shifts sweeping the nation. Through in-depth observation, proprietary data from Young & Rubicam, and interviews with experts, the authors analyze the changing consumer psyche, document the five shifting values and consumer behaviors that are remaking America and the world, and explain what it means to businesses and leaders. -Explores a movement in society where the majority of American consumers are embracing both value and values -Shows how post-crisis consumer expectations and behaviors will drive business decisions -Draws on interviews with CEOs and entrepreneurs to reveal how companies like Ford and Etsy are reconnecting with the post-crisis consumer Compelling and insightful, Spend Shift is essential reading for anyone interested in how values are changing and how businesses can connect with consumers after the recession.

Spend Shift is a Wall Street Journal best-seller, a Washington Post best-seller and was one of Fast Company's Best Business Books of 2010.