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5 Tips of Athena Management

The Athena Doctrine study has allowed us to break down the skills of leadership and categorize them by gender perception. Skills like decisiveness, analytical thinking, and independence are seen as masculine. Other traits such as expressiveness, intuition, collaboration and patience are regarded as being more feminine skills.

There is a place and time for both sets of traits, but, in fact, in our study of 64,000 people around the world, we found that feminine traits are now more highly correlated to leadership than their masculine counterparts. The most successful entrepreneurs, executives and politicians are truly embracing these feminine traits as part of their leadership skill set—and succeeding.

Here are 5 tips to management today:

1. Manage with patience. By patience, we don't mean wait forever for results but one's role as a manager is to see the long term benefit of short term pain.

2. Communicate through passion. Motivation through fear is a thing of the past, to keep teams engaged and working hard through the tougher times, there is no more powerful communication tool than showing you are personally invested in the task at hand, empathize with the employees who are working on the problem and passionately believe in the mission of your team or company.

3. Trust your gut. Particularly in the technology space, things move too fast for data to catch up. Success is also often about making a leap of faith and inviting the future. To do that you will have no other tool than your intuition as you plan for the future.

4. Don't take it personally. Part of being an innovative leader is knowing that failure will be a daily occurrence. Your ability to ignore your own pride and be flexible to changing plans when something you’ve invested time and effort into fails is the sign of a truly forward thinking leader.

5. Communicate. To manage this way, you will do a lot of thinking and go through a lot of emotional states. Share all that. Your ability to express to your teams your personal investment, your passion, and yes even your doubts will make you a more credible leader trusted to have the collective good at heart.


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The Athena Doctrine: Rise of Feminine Values

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