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Are Men and Women Really That Different?

A recent Buzzfeed article highlighted a study that argues genders aren't as different as people often think they are. The researchers wanted to find out whether certain traits were evenly distributed among genders by looking at traits such as physical strength, caring about close relationships, fear of being too successful and closeness with a best friend. They discovered that men may be somewhat more likely to possess typically masculine traits, but not by an overwhelming majority, in the process asserting that while gender may be one factor in influencing a person's traits, it is far from the only one.

Clearly this is a topic we were interested in. During our research, surveying 64,000 people from around the world, for The Athena Doctrine we found that traits which are considered typically feminine – such as collaboration, empathy, transparency and nurturing – can found in both men and women. And while these so-called feminine traits may be undervalued by men, it proves that male or female, you are physiologically capable of displaying these traits. In fact, 66% of the 64,000 adults interviewed in the Athena Doctrine study agreed that the world would be a better place if men thought more like women!

In order to be a successful leader in today’s digitally connected economy; man or woman, you need to incorporate traits from both genders. To discount these traits simply on the basis of their being assumed feminine or masculine is a missing a big opportunity. 79% of people agree that collaborating and sharing credit with others is required to have a successful career in today’s world.

It’s no longer beneficial to look at gender through the construct of a zero-sum game. Truly evolved employees are flexible and receptive to incorporating both masculine and feminine traits into their personality.