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Athena Doctrine Study

Best-selling and award-winning authors John Gerzema and Michael D’Antonio spearheaded a two-year project to understand the changing dynamics affecting culture today. This was based on hard evidence gained from surveying 64,000 people in thirteen countries across a wide swath of cultural, political and economic diversity.

In the first study, half the sample—thirty-two thousand people around the world—was asked to classify 125 different human behavioral traits as either masculine, feminine or neither.

Next, the same list of traits was presented to the other half of the sample. Only this time there was no gendering to the words. They were simply asked to rate the importance of these traits on leadership, success, morality and happiness—the very things people said were in crisis today.

By comparing the two separate studies, John and Michael were able to statistically model how masculine and feminine traits related to solving today’s challenges. Overall, a strong consensus was found on what is feminine and masculine and that feminine traits are more vital to making the world a better place.