Dumpster-fire GIF that perfectly sums up this election https://t.co/21BRtFeuWe https://t.co/mSdDX1iIan
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This Badge Blurs Your Face in All Those Questionable Social Media Photos https://t.co/joRHHoLmgH
Great opportunity to speak on the intersection of soft power and the insurance industry @Mitchell_Intl this morning
Canadians have a super nice message for Americans: You guys are great https://t.co/3R8a4trBYu
The world’s first drone delivery program is bringing blood to remote Rwandan clinics https://t.co/Akbzn1bCJA
Airbnb Offers Landlords an Incentive https://t.co/iYBi1zmasa
Happy #DayoftheGirl! I'm proud to celebrate #GIRLHERO(s) around the world. Take action with @GirlUp today:… https://t.co/zYCqvS5W85
Politics teacher apologizes to students for assigning the presidential debate as homework https://t.co/fEFEQGZMjs
CIA ‘Siren Servers’ can predict social uprisings 3-5 days in advance... https://t.co/pGFzTvOVu2
Willie Nelson Gives 92-Year-Old Lyndel Rhodes Her Big Break By Recording Song She Wrote https://t.co/OX9qCxUXlx
Blame it on the bike: does cycling contribute to a city's gentrification? @guardian https://t.co/HvtjUBsIJz
This humble home appliance could be San Francisco’s secret climate weapon https://t.co/k3giLZFAOJ
Nice piece in @inc on my arguments for why 'feminine' leaders are more effective @LeighEBuchanan https://t.co/DGtwqUQNin
We're Creating A Protein Bubble That's Going To Destroy The Planet https://t.co/UiGwUmhsrr


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58% of people agree that if there were more women in power, there would be greater economic prosperity.
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It takes a village to solve a problem. That's why 85% of people agree with the statement, "Problems are better solved by local communities than the government."
Beyonce & Jay-Z. Sergey Brin & Larry Page. Ben & Jerry. Great things happen when people work together. What does it mean for today's world? The ability to play nice in the sandbox has never been more important than it is right now.
While women have come a long way, there is still a great distance to go. As of 2013, only 17% of the more than 5,000 corporate board seats for S&P 500 companies are occupied by women. What does this say about the world? There is a growing demand for women in power and a deficit of powerful women.