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America This Week

Each week, we surface the most important societal shifts, consumer sentiments, and marketplace trends leaders need to know to stay in lockstep with consumers' shifting desires. Grounded in weekly polling data, ATW is hosted by NYT bestselling author John Gerzema, CEO of The Harris Poll and futurist Libby Rodney, CSO of The Harris Poll.  John @johngerzema is CEO of The Harris Poll | Libby @LibbyG is CSO of The Harris Poll

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America This Week:  December 20 - Americans Are Priced Out Of Homes + Living With Tattoo Regrets

In this end of year episode John and Libby discuss new Harris data showing how homeowners feel increasingly priced out of their neighborhoods. Also, a surprisingly large number of Americans regret their tattoos. And a new Instacart/Harris Poll #foodtok Poll recaps the top food trends of 2023 on TikTok. 

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