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America This Week

Each week, we surface the most important societal shifts, consumer sentiments, and marketplace trends leaders need to know to stay in lockstep with consumers' shifting desires. Grounded in weekly polling data, ATW is hosted by NYT bestselling author John Gerzma, CEO of The Harris Poll and futurist Libby Rodney, CSO of The Harris Poll.

John @johngerzema is CEO of The Harris Poll | Libby @LibbyG is CSO of The Harris Poll

America This Week: Sept 16, Social Lies, Billionaire Giveaways, + Benefit Bubbles

This week John and Libby discuss: Younger Americans are fibbing about social as their source of news, Patagonia CEO gives his business away and declares ‘earth is now our only shareholder’, and guest Catherine Collinson, founding CEO and President of nonprofit Transamerica Institute joins the show to discuss the widening gap between what employees want and what employers are offering.

America This Week: Sept 9, FOMO Strikes Again, The Rise of Micro-Trust, And Interns Lonely Summer

This week John and Libby discuss: Americans are frustrated by new economic constraints that have them pausing experiences,  the rise of micro-trust in communities as a source of immunity, and the lonely summer both interns and recent hires experienced as hybrid office culture left them behind.

America This Week: Sept 2, Parents Are Mobilizing, The Forgotten History of Labor Day, And CareerTok

This week John and Libby discuss: Americans think the worst of inflation is ahead of us, education is the new political issue, young people are unaware of what labor day is,  and the role TikTok can play in finding talent and building a diversified pipeline.

America This Week: August 26, Teacher Shortages, Power Shifts Back to Employers, Hating On Billionaires, Dangers In Location Apps

Join John and Libby as they discuss four stories, including parents’ POV of teacher shortages as we head back to school. The power shifts between employers and employees and how younger Americans respond to it. Dive in as they discuss Americans reframing the roles and responsibility of Billionaires as economic inequality hits a crisis point. And finally, join them for a conversation around location apps; while young Americans are willing to share their location data, there are mounting privacy concerns, terrible news stories, and rising expectations for big tech to do the right thing.

America This Week: August 19, You're RTO Policies Won't Fix Quiet Quitting, Show Me the Money, Supply Chain Guarantees Might the Next Luxury Upgrade

Join John and Libby as they discuss what's behind the Quiet Quit movement, highlighting who's disengaging, why, and the pressure building up before the pandemic. They cover the rise of young free agent employees who want more money from corporations when corporations are activating hiring freezes and layoffs. And finally, they dive into how young Americans are redefining ambition and the potential for 'supply chain guarantees' to be the next Millennial upgrade.

America This Week: August 12,  Musk’s Shotgun Wedding, The Rock For President, Don’t Be Switzerland, and Crypto-Cautious

Join John and Libby as they discuss four stories worth your attention, ranging from the Twitter-Musk lawsuit to which celebrities may be entering the 2024 election. They delve into what’s behind Twitter users’ desires to drive Musk into a purchase and how it may evolve the desires of Web3 principles. Followed by what you should expect in the 2024 elections, highlighting the growing desire for a third-party candidate, as well as how companies can’t be Switzerland anymore and instead need to become the U.N. Lastly, they discuss that while the merits of cryptocurrencies are still in its early days, early adopters and enthusiasts continue to sing cryptocurrency’s praises.

America This Week: August 5,  The ‘Meh Recession’, Made In America Woes, One Month Later In A Post-Roe World, & The Thought Leadership Gap

Join John and Libby as they discuss the idea of the ‘meh recession’ and rising concerns of monkeypox. They delve into the conflicting desires of buying ‘Made in American’ products against the rising pressures of inflation. Followed by pulse on Americans' concerns, behaviors, and mobilization strategies one month post Roe v Wade, including how one-fifth of women have changed their primary contraception method. And finally, they dissect the latest research showcasing the thought leadership gap opportunity for marketers, which leaves attention, growth, and trust on the table.

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